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At the Vitology Institute in Tysons Corner, VA, we can show you how to access the leading edge of medicine. We use a functional medicine approach to manage and prevent chronic diseases that stem from lifestyle choices, environmental exposure, and genetic influences. We partner with our patients not only to seek comprehensive answers for their health concerns, but also to develop a plan for wellness aimed at improving their quality of life.

Our practice utilizes the best diagnostic methods and state of the art functional lab testing to uncover hidden imbalances in order to identify the root cause of illness. As patient-centered practitioners, our mission is to elevate the health of humanity, one individual at a time.

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    Dr. Vikram Raya, MD, FACC

    CEO / Founder

    Dr. Raya is committed to the idea that patients have the ability to reverse disease, foster health, and achieve ultimate wellness. As a double-board certified physician in cardiology and internal medicine who now practices functional medicine, he is dedicated to tackling the root causes of chronic conditions by utilizing the power of functional medicine to disrupt our current healthcare model. The team at Vitology Institute works daily to encourage patients to heal their bodies and energize their minds, naturally.