5 Secrets the Mainstream Won’t Tell You About the Flu

By Dr. Tarryn Foster, ND

Every winter the flu becomes an epidemic!

What the mainstream will tell you is to get a flu vaccine and wait it out. But if more and more people are getting the vaccine, then why is the flu still spreading like wildfire?

WHY is each season getting worse than its ever been?

Here are 5 secrets the mainstream isn’t telling you about the flu.

  1. The H3N2 flu strain has become more resistant to the flu vaccination.
  2. If you suffer from high levels of stress, your immune system becomes suppressed and weakened, increasing your likelihood of catching the flu.
  3. Toxic buildup will wreak havoc on your body, forcing your organ systems to work harder to keep you healthy.
  4. The flu virus can be contagious for up to five days and can live for 24 hours on cell phones, door knobs and other objects.
  5. Boosting your energy with exercise and getting plenty of sleep increases your body’s healing ability to fight infection…naturally.

We are exposed to an unlimited amount of toxins every day and cleansing helps to release these toxins. Seasonal cleansing optimizes cell function, which means the immune system doesn’t have to work so hard…making it strong enough to fight off viruses and bacteria.

Consider these simple cleansing tips to prevent colds and flus:

  1. Eliminate dairy and cheese to decrease mucus congestion in your body.
  2. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  3. Drink warm immune-boosting herbal teas, such as echinacea, elderberry and astragalus.
  4. Cut out sweets, especially white and artifical sugars, fried and high salt foods, which are void of nutrition and slow down release of toxins.

Enjoy the benefits of cleansing AND avoid the flu this winter!