Vitology Institute welcomes Neufit to the Clinic!

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Neufit, state-of-the-art, revolutionary technology in functional neurology! The Neufit “Neubie” system provides electrical stimulation to the body which fosters muscular re-education. If you are injured or have been injured in the past, have chronic or acute pain, or limited mobility, the NeuFit may be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Used by the Washington Nationals, UFC, NFL, WWE, and many rehabilitation clinics and top functional medicine practices around the country, the NeuFit wave has taken off! Vitology Institute is the only clinic certified to use the Neubie device in Virginia!

Here’s how the Neubie works: during periods of injury, immobility, or stress, the body can react by “freezing,” which inhibits blood flow. The Neubie re-teaches the body that movement and growth is okay after injury or stress by increasing blood flow to the area being targeted by the treatment. The increased blood flow to the area reduces inflammation and decreases pain. If you think of the injured muscle fiber as a water hose: if it is bent or not fully expanded, water cannot flow. The Neubie increases circulation and reintroduces movement into these areas.

The Neubie device can help restore muscle function after stroke, TBI, SCI, & multiple sclerosis. It also improves athletic performance, sports recovery, chronic pain, body composition, post-surgery recovery, and long term fitness gains. The initial Neufit session lasts between 45 minutes and one hour, and follow up sessions can be as short as 30 minutes.

We are excited that you will be able to utilize this amazing technology to achieve vibrant health! If you have any questions or would like to book a session please call us at 703-506-1113!